Behavior Management Plan

Behavioral Mission Statement: To establish and maintain a community of respect between students, teachers, and staff utilizing comprehensive historical data, while maintaining a safe and conducive environment.

Behavioral Management Plan Components:

A. School Expectations and Rules: Posters are displayed in classrooms and common areas to promote awareness of the four basic student expectations. The four basic expectations are:

  • Safety: Students are to keep his/her hands, feet, body and objects to himself/herself
  • Responsiblity: Initiating work and following through with work
  • Respect: Students are to use appropriate language, be a good friend, and follow teacher’s directions
  • Individual: This is an individual goal as per the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP)

oakhillshcool (81 of 88) (2)B. Positive Interventions/Rewards: Rewards are based on a level system and are dependent on the level in which the student is currently on. As a student earns consecutive days of earning his/her points, he/she is then able to move up a level and thus allowing for increased activity choices.

C. Curriculum: Teachers incorporate lessons/discussions about positive behavior and encourage students to be reflective throughout the day through the use of the level point system mentioned above.  Social workers and classroom teachers collaborate to incorporate the Zones of Regulation curriculum into student’s daily routines.

D. Behavior Plan:

  • Prevention – Prevention is always first and foremost our main priority. Every student at Oak Hill School will have an Individualized Crisis Management Plan (ICMP) upon entering the program.
  • Instruction – Teaching strategies to achieve desired behavior must be taught through explicit instruction. Explicit instruction includes: modeling the desired behavior through the use of examples and non-examples, providing opportunities to practice within the context of where the behavior occurs, and monitoring progress.
  • Progress Monitoring – Progress monitoring is on-going throughout the day with 15 minute intervals for reinforcement. Structured observations of the target behaviors is the method used in measuring student’s progress.

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