Level System

Oak Hill School uses a level system to keep track of student progress. Each level allows for varying levels of supervision, outing privileges, and special activities. The level system allows for daily progress of each student and monitors long-term progress. Each day, a student has the opportunity to earn up to 144 points.

Mike-Bob-Ryan-R-bridge-(2)Level 1:

Primary Students – 2 consecutive days
Older Students – 3 consecutive days

  • Consistent supervision
  • Close proximity at all times
  • Limited to desk activities for choice time

Level 2:

All students – 10 consecutive days

  • New students begin at this level
  • Close, small group supervision
  • Travel within the building and lawn areas
  • Limited to activities within the school campus for choice time

Level 3:

All students – 25 consecutive days

  • Travel off campus for activities
  • Choice time activities extended to include high activity games (e.g. 4 square or Ping Pong) and technology use.

Level 4:

All students – 60 consecutive days

  • Special planned activities/outings
  • Choice time from any activity

*Transition Planning: After the student has achieved 60 consecutive days at Level 4, discussions should begin as to whether Oak Hill School continues to be an appropriate placement.

*Each new student to Oak Hill School begins on Level 2. Students on Level 1 are typically those who are (or who have recently been) unsafe and require consistent supervision at all times in the building. Should any student engage in unsafe behavior that requires staff members to complete a therapeutic restraint, that student will automatically drop to a Level 1 and will need to work back to his/her basic level.

Click here for the Level System Chart