Point System

The point system is used to motivate students, modify behavior and to track student progress. Points are earned in 15 minute intervals throughout the day. In each of these blocks, a student may earn up to 8 points which count toward a choice activity block. Students earn points toward a choice time activity in the morning and then again in the afternoon. The points set back to zero in the afternoon so the child may have the opportunity to earn choice time in the afternoon , even if he/she is not able to earn it in the morning. The 8 points are earned as follow:

Alliyah Ryan R Xavier pedal cart (2)Safety (2 points) – For keeping his/her hands, feet, body, and objects to himself/herself. Safety points are designed to encourage safe behaviors by all students. Safety points are earned when a student does not engage in any activities in which he/she could potentially hurt themselves and/or others, or school property.

Responsibility (2 points) – For initiating work and following through with work. Responsibility points serve as a function to motivate students to begin tasks promptly and encourage him/her to produce academic and/or other work. Students are reminded to initiate his/her work and complete work during academic periods. By reminding students to earn his/her points, it serves as a replacement to, “please quiet down,” or “you are not using your time appropriately.” It also can eliminate the need to raise one’s voice.

Respect (2 points) – For using appropriate language, being a good friend, and following teacher direction. Respect points are designed to reward pro-social behavior and to decrease disruptive, work avoidment, or other anti-social behaviors. Students who speak out of turn, swear, tease or act silly when not appropriate can be reprimanded in a positive, impersonal, and non-threatening manner through the use of reminders to earn their respect points.

Individual (2 points) – For working toward an individual goal as per the student’s IEP. The student’s individual goal is tailored to fit each individual student’s social-emotional/behavioral and/or academic needs. These goals may be taken from the students IEP or may be even more targeted to a specific behavior that he/she may be exhibiting at that current moment in time.
In any given block of time, a student has the opportunity to earn up to 8 points depending on his/her behavior. Students must earn 50% of his/her points to earn choice time. Activities are structured, well supervised, and include positive social interactions intended to further each student’s social goals.

Points are used to:

  • Reinforce desired student behavior.
  • Minimize undesirable student behavior.
  • Set expectations.
  • Provide for non-threatening communication.
  • Measure progress toward goals.
  • Measure overall progress toward movement back to least restrictive environment .
  • Allow for students to self-monitor his/her own behavior.
  • Help students to internalize the behavioral decision making process and be reflective of his/her behaviors.