Mr. Jared Mark – Classroom Teacher

Welcome! My name is Jared Mark. I teach 5th & 6th grade at Oakhill School. Having been exposed to many different schools in the capital district I know that Oakhill truly offers something special. I take pride in our ability to assist those who have not been successful in traditional school settings. In my room, I always try my hardest to provide what each student needs emotionally as well as academically.  Our main focus in this room is to be safe, responsible and respectful.

Writing Project: Haikus & Cinquains

In writing, we have been learning about and trying our hand at writing different types of poems.

Can you guess which Haiku is written by your learner?

Football is awesome

It is very hard hitting

       Touchdown field goal cool

Frogs are not slimy

There’s a myth of warts with frogs

I love frogs so much

I fly like oak trees

Like sap can come out sap trees

Oakhill is perfect

Cute little puppies

digging in the flower bed

in the hot sunshine



Fluffy, Cute

Chill, Playing, Loving

She is so fluffy



Caring, Pretty

Baking, Working, Encouraging

She is my mommy



Playful, Funny

Eating, Caring, Loving

She is a dog



Fat, Fluffy

Caring, Loving, Meowing

I love my cat



Hard, Sweaty

It’s my favorite sport



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