Welcome to Room 3,

In this room, we learn from each other, help each other succeed and focus on being positive. During school, we are working on being independent, stretching our brains and connecting our materials to the real world. Each day we start our day with a positive quote that we discuss together focused on a common theme. Currently, our theme is positivity, friendship and helping others. Below are the concepts we are learning about in our classroom.

Math: Each student is working on an independent study about the topic that fits there needs. This allows students to work at their own pace and learn the material to help them succeed.

Science:  We are working on Physical Science and Newton’s laws. During this topic, we are creating movement labs and testing our abilities to put science into action.

English: We are currently reading Esperanza Rising and discussing Immigrant workers. The book’s theme is about how Esperanza, even though given many obstacles, she has overcome many difficult decisions.

Writing: We are working on writing about topics that allow us to think outside the box. The students are working on paragraph writing, how to give comments back to their peers about their writing and how to make there piece longer.

Social Studies: We are focusing on the Revolutionary Period (1754-1783). We learned about the French and Indian war and about slavery.

Thanks for reading.

~Ms. Danielle~