Welcome to Julia’s Class! 

Star Bucks

In addition to the school wide system, we will also be using a classroom economy to keep the students motivated. Students earn “Star Bucks” for completing their work, being a good friend, completing classroom jobs, and for their total points earned each day. Star Bucks can be redeemed for many rewards ranging from writing in pen or sitting in the teacher’s chair to going to lunch off campus.

Take Home Folder

Each day students will bring home a folder with completed work, homework, notes, or any other important materials that need to be sent home. Please empty out the contents of the folder each night and send the folder back to school the next day. In their folder you will find a nightly reading log. Although homework is not a requirement, research shows that parents have the greatest influence on the achievement of their children by supporting their learning at home. Each night that your child reads 20 minutes or more at home, they will earn Star Bucks the following morning. Reading logs will be sent home on Friday of the previous week so any weekend reading can be logged! If you would like your child to receive additional homework please let me know. All students will receive a weekly behavior log every Friday.


We do not allow students to bring toys, games, etc. from home into the classroom. These items must remain in their backpacks throughout the day. While these items are not permitted in class, they are helpful on those long bus rides. If students purchase a show and tell pass with their Star Bucks, they may bring the item of their choice into the classroom for the allotted time, then it will be returned to their backpack.